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More then 10 years experience,a Chinese leading manufacturer of PET Mould,PET Preform Mould and Cap Mould.

Yingzheng Mould has experienced designing group , mould process making team and the professional group for after-sales.We provided our mold to the oversea market . Such as Bulgaria , Russia , Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt , Kenya , Iran , Thailand , Malaysia ,Ecuador and son on.

Yingzheng Mould will still forge ahead in the future time. Our aim: Today’s quality ,tomorrow’s market.

Yingzheng Moulds has been able to embark themselves as credible suppliers of high precision PET preform moulds.

At Yingzheng Moulds, quality assurance is an integral part as we believe that every raw material that is used in the manufacturing process affects the quality and overall performance of the final product.


Yingzheng Moulds is dedicated to grow and sustain as a large scale organization focusing on delivering exceptional quality products at affordable cost to satisfy its customers.


The goal of yingzheng Moulds is to establish eminence in PET/PP Perform Moulds manufacturing industry. It aims to emerge as renowned name by delivering eminent quality products.


Yingzheng Moulds focuse on superior quality deliverables, innovating technologies, placing high benchmarks for quality, ensure consistent performance and inimitable precision.








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Welcome To Yingzheng Moulds

We bestow optimal design and development facility, quality machine tools and inspection apparatus to maintain the consistency in our product.


Whatever it is, you can trust us to do what you want and you can believe that whatever we tell you will be the truth.


Willing always to go the extra mile, our staff understands the importance of making our clients' work lives as easy as possible.


High standards are paramount at Yingzheng Moulds and we've developed robust processes to ensure quality throughout every stage of every service.